The Bioimaging Core Facility, headed by Dr. Edith Suss-Toby, offers state-of-the-art technologies enabling visualization, digitization, and image analysis spanning from subcellular resolution up to in-vivo rodent imaging. We provide our users comprehensive one-stop imaging shop services that include technology implementation instructions for image acquisition and analysis. We support researchers from a variety of life science fields, such as cancer, angiogenesis & vascularization, stem cells, development, neurobiology, brain & behavioral research, atherosclerosis, cardiac research and more.

Our light microscopy center houses laser scanning confocal, time-lapse and virtual microscopy systems for subcellular, co-culture, 3D, whole organ slice and ex-vivo preparations. The in-vivo imaging center houses optical imaging systems for luminance and fluorescence high throughput imaging, a micro ultrasound, and a 1T and 9.4T MRI for anatomical and functional studies respectively. Our center offers longitudinal multimodality noninvasive imaging. In combination with viral manipulations and our behavioral rooms we have created a unique research platform.

The Bioimaging Core Facility is capable of bridging the gap between cellular information and whole animal operational mechanisms. We offer annual workshops and courses for training and education and presentations of new technologies.

Director Dr. Edith Suss-Toby, holds a PhD in Neurobiology from the Hebrew University’s direct program for excellent students. She was a visiting fellow at the NICHD, NIH for four years and specialized in optics and electrophysiological methodologies. Edith established the Biomaging Core Facility and has been its director for the last 12 years.


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