Flow and Mass Cytometry Center Team

Our Valuable Team Member

    Head, Flow and Mass Cytometry Center

    Amir Grau, PhD in Microbiology from the Hebrew University. Amir joined the BCF on 2014 bringing 9 years of extensive experience in immunology, cell biology and flow cytometry. Prior to joining, he served as a Senior Researcher and the QA Manager at NovellusDx Ltd. In addition, Amir was a tutor in the flow cytometry unit at the Faculty of Medicine in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Staff scientist

    Yaakov Sakoury, MSc in Software Engineering from ORT Braude Academic College. Yaakov oversees FACSAria IIIu and is the primary operator of it. His experience covers use and knowledge of the analyzers, sorter and analysis software. Among other things, he is responsible for instruments maintenance.

    Staff scientist

    Iris Abramov, MSc in Immunology from the Weismann Institute and recently joined our team as a flow specialist. Iris is responsible of training all new users in the operation of the flow cytometers, use of their software and analysis of data. In addition, she is responsible for daily operations and maintenance of all analyzers.

    Staff scientist

    Janna Saadi, MSc in Biology Sciences from Haifa University. Janan joined our team after her MSc completion with distinction and has broad experience with flow cytometry. She operates our cell sorters and is skilled with data analysis software.

    Flow Cytometrist

    Shiri is a PhD student in the immunology field. Serves as flow specialist at the Flow Cytometry Center. She is proficient in designing, executing and analyzing experiments in flow cytometry methods and is training researchers and graduate students on multi-color Flow Cytometry experiments.

    CyTOF Specialist

    Tania is a PhD student in the immunology department. She serves as our CyTOF specialist and is an expert in panel designing and analyzing experiments of the mass cytometry technology.