Meet The Team

Our Valuable Team Member

    Position: Head of Biomedical Core Facility & Instructional Laboratories
    04-8295364 | 052-4568846

    Ofer Shenker, Ph.D. in Biotechnology, from the Technion, leads and develops   the Biomedical Core Facility & Instructional Laboratories since 1999.

    Position: Head of Bioimaging Center

    Edith Suss-Toby, Ph.D. in Neurobiology from the Hebrew University, direct program for excellent students. She was a visiting fellow at the NICHD, NIH for four years and specialized in optics and electrophysiological methodologies. Edith established the Bioimaging Core Facility and has been its director since 2003.

    Head of Genomics Center

    Liat Linde, Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University. Author of manuscripts in most highly rated research journals. Recipient of numerous prizes including Teva prize and Young Scientist Award of the European Society of Human Genetics. At 2009, Liat joined the BCF to establish the Genomics Center in its current phase.

    Head, Cytometry Center

    Amir Grau, PhD in Microbiology from the Hebrew University. Amir joined the BCF on 2014 bringing 9 years of extensive experience in immunology, cell biology and flow cytometry. Prior to joining, he served as a Senior Researcher and the QA Manager at NovellusDx Ltd. In addition, Amir was a tutor in the flow cytometry unit at the Faculty of Medicine in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Administrative assistant of Biomedical Core Facility & Instructional Laboratories
    Tel: 04-8295361/04-8295223 Fax: 04-8295363

    Yael Brihand, MA in Human Services from the University of Haifa. She served as Coordinator of Employment and Projects for six years at Maavarim, Western Galilee Center for Community Employment and Regional Economic Development.