Our BD FACSCalibur system is an automated benchtop flow cytometry system equipped with two lasers – blue and red and can be used to simultaneously analyze up to 4 fluorescent parameters. The FACSCalibur is designed specifically to support a wide range of applications with high resolution and sensitivity of both fluorescence and scatter.

The fluorescent parameters are distributed as follows:

FL1 – Green emission (filter: 530/30)

FL2 – Red/Orange emission (filter: 585/42)

FL3 – Red emission (filter: 650 LP)

FL4 – Far Red emission (filter: – 661/16)

FACSCalibur system offers easy to use MAC based CellQuest Pro software for data acquisition and data analysis.

The instrument is available on a pre-reservation basis for independent users. Untrained users must contact core personnel to schedule hands-on training.

Data analysis of the FCS files can be done with any third party analysis software. We have several working stations with a variety of software. See our Data Analysis page for additional information.

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For further information or if you need assistance please contact core personnel.