High Throughput S1000EXi

The Stratedigm’s High Throughput (HT) S1000EXi cutting-edge flow cytometer was acquired to provide researchers with the best scalability and performance options. Its state of the art system architecture enables it to resolve dim events and microparticle analysis at a greater sensitivity. It is equipped with 4 lasers: 488 nm, 405nm, 651nm and 640 nm solid-state lasers and can detect up to 14 parameters and absolute volumetric counting.

The HT-S1000EXi provides a full automation suite, including temperature controlled Auto Sampler and HT Hotel, that enables us to run a few tubes or dozens of plates seamlessly for up to 48h. The Analyzer supports either FACS (12×7.5) or Eppendorf tubes and 24, 96 or 384 well plates.

Please take into your consideration that the 405 and 561 laser lines are co-lineared. For filters and channel information see here.

The HT-S1000EXi is technician operated with plates only and is available from 10am to 18pm Sunday to Tuesday. During these hours, your experiment plate will be acquired for you by the FMCC staff based on your documented template. Independent operation or outside normal times is currently not available.

Pre-reservation is required and can be done via BookIt.

Acquisition is done with CellCapTure software and FCS files will be saved to our bcf-server after acquisition. Please make sure to backup you own data – we are not doing so!

Data analysis of the FCS files can be done with any third party analysis software. We have several working stations with a variety of software. See our Data Analysis page for additional information.

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For further information or if you need assistance please contact core personnel.