The HiScan system (Illumina) utilizes BeadArray microarray technology for a broad range of DNA and RNA analysis applications. The HiScan is a dedicated microarray scanner that supports rapid, sensitive, and accurate imaging of very dense microarrays which contain between 50K to 5M probes per sample. Each bead on Illumina arrays is covered with hundreds of thousands of copies of specific oligos that act as the capture sequences in one of our array-based assays.

With these microarrays you can do:

  • Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping- available in format of whole-genome genotyping or focused genotyping, for humans and non-human organisms.
  • Copy number variation (CNV)- available for human, animals and plants.
  • Gene expression- available for human only
  • DNA methylation-¬†available for human only

Hi Scan










For additional info, please contact Liat Linde, tel 04-8295452/221.