The Bruker Minispec Body Composition Analyzer is based on Time Domain (TD) NMR. It acquires and analyzes TD-NMR signals from all protons in the entire sample volume and can provide three components of interest: fat, free body fluid and lean tissue values. This magnetic resonance technology allows non-invasive examination and a simple measure of body composition in conscious animals giving the researchers the opportunity to make multiple measurements during the life of the animal.



Longitudinal monitoring of body fat and lean composition in live mice (maximum mouse mass 60g) in obesity, behavioral and brain research or knock-out mouse studies and more.



The software offers whole body fat and lean tissue/muscle mass measurements. The results are displayed and stored on the PC in a database and can be exported to the user‘s data systems.


New users

Please contact Edith Suss-Toby, tel. +972-4-8295347/61 to coordinate a meeting.

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