Widefield Olympus Upright


Olympus BX63 is an upright microscope for brightfield, polarized and fluorescence microscopy. It features an X-cite metal halide lamp, condenser NA0.9, motorized nosepiece, manual stage and a DP73 17.28 megapixel color CCD (2 megapixel with pixel shifting), 12bit camera.



Objectives in nosepiece:

Magnification Immersion NA Color correction Working distance
PlanApoN 2x 0.08
UPlanFLN 10x 0.30
UPlanFLN 20x 0.50 0.17
UPlanFLN 40x 0.75 0.17
UPlanSApo 60x oil 1.35 0.17
UPlanSApo 100x oil 1.4 0.17


Reflector turret:

Filter set Excitation Dichroic Emission
U-FUNA BP 360-370 DM 410 BA 420-460 DAPI
U-FBNA BP 470-495 DM 505 BA 510-550 GFP, Cy2, Alexa 488
U-FGNA BP 540-550 DM 570 BA 575-625 Cy3, Alexa 555, mCherry



Acquisition is performed with the Olympus proprietary Cell Sens Dimension software. Output files can be opened with FIJI/ImageJ using the Olympus viewer plugin or exported to TIFF.



Brightfield, multi-channel fluorescence, Linear polarized microscopy, Z-stacks, time, manual tiling, 4800×3600 pixel snapshots, 1600×1200 pixel images at 15 fps, 800×600 at 27fps



For analysis in ImageJ/FIJI of native vsi files download the Olympus viewer plugin.


New users

Please contact Edith Suss-Toby, tel. +972-4-8295347 to coordinate a meeting.

Tips for immunofluorescence experiments.

Please prepare controls before starting a new model.

For reference you may use the Olympus upright instruction file



For long term live widefield microscopy, the system can be reserved in our BookItLab online reservation system, Olympus upright/stereoscope.


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