US Vevo 2100


The VisualSonics (VSI) Vevo 2100 system is an in vivo micro-ultrasound imaging system, specially designed for in-vivo small animal (rodent) imaging.

The system allows anatomical, morphological and functional 2D/3D imaging, with resolution as low as 30 µm, is equipped with isoflurane anesthesia and monitoring system enabling  respiratory and cardiac gating, a variety of transducers designated for anatomical, vascular and cardiac rodent imaging, an adjustable rail system and physiology plate for easy animal positioning and handling.

Imaging modes

Available transducers:

Transducer Collar color Specifications Additional characteristics
MS-250 Yellow Rat cardiology and abdominal imaging 21MHz, max image width 23mm, max depth 30mm
MS-400 Red Optimized for mouse cardiovascular imaging with frame rates higher than 300  fps 30 MHz, max image width 15.4mm, max depth 20mm
MS-550S Gray Optimized for mouse embryology imaging and injection 45 MHz



The proprietary Vevo LAB software enables acquisition and offers image analysis/annotation tools for cardiac, abdominal, vascular, embryology and ophtalmology measurements. It is available both at the Vevo 2100 US station and offline, at the BCF image analysis unit on the Computer in-vivo analysis.

Instructions for specific applications

New users

Please contact Esti Messer, tel. +972-77-8871107, to coordinate a meeting.


Reading materials prior to the first instruction session:

Vevo2100 Imaging System – Quick Start

Vevo 2100 instructions (in Hebrew)

Full Operator Manual



The system can be reserved in the BookItLab online reservation system, Vevo 2100 ultrasound system.

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