Imaging Staff

    Head of Light Microscopy Unit

    Maya has been with the BCF since 2008, serving as an Advanced Imaging Applications Specialist since 2012.

    Head of In Vivo Imaging Unit

    Galit Saar, PhD in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University, with a focus on development and use of MRI techniques for the study of connective tissues. She was a postdoctoral fellow and a research scientist at NINDS, NIH for 10 years and specialized in MRI and PET imaging of the brain and of different organs in the body. Galit joined the BCF in 2020.

    Head of Electron Microscopy Unit

    Lihi Shaulov, PhD in Biology from the Technion. Lihi joined the BCF team in 2017 to establish the Electron Microscopy Unit.

    Ariel Shemesh
    Image Analysis Scientist
    Ariel Shemesh, PhD, has worked as a physicist at BioRad, Elbit Systems, and Philips Medical Systems, where he participated in the development of various electro-optical products.
    Ariel has background in optics, electro-optics, signal and image processing.

    Head of Histology Services Laboratory

    Sana has a BSc in Laboratory Medicine from the Technion and has been with BCF since 2019 managing the Histology Services Laboratory.


    Esti Messer, DSc

    Imaging Applications Scientist


    Melia Gurewitz, DSc

    Imaging Applications Scientist