The High-Performance CyAn ADP Flow Cytometer is a flow cytometer that utilizes multiple laser excitation sources to analyze biological cells, beads, or other microscopic particles. The CyAn ADP has state-of-the-art optics, utilizes high performance digitization with pulse processing speed up to 70,000 Events per second complementing a high acquisition and analysis capability of up to 100,000,000 events. It is equipped with 3 lasers: 488 nm, 405nm, and 642 nm solid-state lasers and can detect up to 9 parameters.

For lasers and filters information see here.

The CyAn uses Summit 4.3 acquisition software and is available for trained users in a self-operated mode. Untrained users must contact core personnel to schedule hands-on training. Pre-reservation is required and can be done via BookIt.

Data analysis of the FCS files can be done with any third party analysis software. We have several working stations with a variety of software. See our Data Analysis page for additional information.

CyAN instructions guide.

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For further information or if you need assistance please contact Amir Grau.