Dry Ice

Dry Ice (frozen carbon dioxide) is particularly useful for freezing and keeping samples frozen because of its very cold temperature -78.5°C. It changes directly from a solid to a gas (sublimation) in normal atmospheric conditions without going through a wet liquid stage. Therefore, it is known as “dry ice.” As a general rule, dry ice will sublimate at a rate of 2 to 4 Kg every 24 hours in a typical ice chest.

To allow transportation of biological samples, it is possible to request dry ice in blocks of 1 Kg (pack time).  Usually, the dry ice is stored in foam boxes together with the samples. We do not supply these boxes, so be prepared in advance. This service may be utilized via our Ordering System.  Please make the request at least one day before you need it. We receive dry ice every day.

Any questions should be posted to Yael Brihand.