FLUOstar galaxy

The FLUOstar galaxy is a fluorescence microplate reader that can perform fluorescence Intensity and time-resolved fluorescence. It is designed for the widest possible range of non-radioactive labelled applications:
Ca2+ measurements (Ca2+ Flux with Fura-2 or Indo-1)
Enzyme activity
Cell toxicity, proliferation and ViabilityThe FLUOstar galaxy can read all plate formats from 6- up to 1536-well plate reading.
Temperature-regulated heating plates above and below the entire plate movement area provide uniform incubation up to 450C.
Kinetic applications can be defined, with interval times from 20 ms to several hours. The fast filter wheels and the ability to define up to 4 sets of filters, each with individual gain timing parameters, allow analysis of multiple fluorophores in a single well (FRET, dual-emission, DNA-detection). Specifications Light source:  High energy xenon flash lamp

Detector:  Side window, current type photomultiplier tube

Spectral range (nm):    Ex: 355, 540-12 485, 584  Em: 460, 580-12, 520, 612

Incubation:   From ambient +5oC to 45 oC in 0.1oC steps

Fluorescence Intensity:  Dynamic range 8 decades.

Sensitivity: 2 fmol/well Fluorescein

Time-resolved fluorescence:  Dynamic range 7 decades . Sensitivity 50 amol/well Europium

Microplate formats:  Up to 1536 wells

User Info

Before using the instrument for the first time, you must receive instruction from one of the IDE unit persons.

Log on before starting and log off at the end of use.

If there are problems, you must notify the person responsible