Freeze drying Alpha 1-4

Freeze-drying is a careful process for conservation of sensitive components by extraction of water from frozen material through sublimation. The solid or liquid product is freeze dried in ampoules, bottles, glass flasks, plasma bottles or dishes. Freeze drying suitable for drying of bacteria and virus cultures, blood plasma, serum fractions, antibodies, sera, vitamins, proteins, etc.

Technical Data

  • Ice condenser capacity: max. 4kg.
  • Ice condenser performance: max. 4kg/24h.
  • Ice condenser temperature: approx. –54˚C.
  • Shelf temperature when freezing and drying inside the ice condenser-chamber: approx. –25˚C to 99˚C.
  • Shelf temperature when drying external to the ice condenser chamber: room temperature up to 99˚C.
  • Ultimate total vacuum: 0.006mbar


Christ Freeze-Drying

User Info

  • Order the Lyophilizer using the Online Reservation System.
  • Before using the instrument for the first time, you must receive instruction from one of the BCF persons.
  • Log on before starting and log off at the end of use.
  • Clean up the inside Lyophilizer after EACH use.
  • If there are problems, you must notify the person responsible.