Image Analysis


Our Image Analysis Unit provides access to a wide variety of image and time-lapse analysis and visualization tools running on high processing power computers. We tailor specific data and image processing solutions, using various traditional and novel image processing tools in commercial and free analysis software as Imaris, Image pro premier, ImageJ, Matlab, and Python. These solutions include image enhancement, segmentation, 3D model reconstruction, alignment, super resolution (e.g., SRRF), unsupervised (e.g., KNN, GMM), and supervised (e.g., machine and deep learning) analysis.



Imaging software Publisher Type Description Reservation/ Support
 Imaris Imaris Bitplane Commercial 3D rendering and quantitative segmentation, analysis, tracking, interactions for fluorescence images Computer IMARIS software
 fiji logo ImageJ/FIJI NIH Free Image analysis and processing with extensive plug-ins and macros Contact us
 Zen logo Zen 2.3 Zeiss Commercial (full)


Offline full version for 3D reconstruction, 2D colocalization and LSM880 Airyscan processing Computer IMARIS software
 Zen logo Zen 2.6 Zeiss Commercial (full)


Offline full version for 3D reconstruction, 2D colocalization, LSM880 Airyscan processing and widefield and confocal deconvolution Computer IMARIS software
MRI tool BCF Matlab based custom homemade tool 3D reconstruction and display, volume & intensity measurements, synchronization & comparison, T1, T2, T2* mapping, filtering, co-registration, automatic segmentation Contact us
Custom macros and batch solutions Contact us
 ImageProPremier logo Image Pro Plus

Image Pro Premier 9.3.2

Media Cybernetics Commercial Segmentation, classification, count, measurements for brightfield and 2D fluorescence images Computer analysis 4

Computer Image-pro-prem

  Matlab MathWorks Commercial Numerical computing environment for data analysis and visualization Contact us
Python Python Commercial Scripting and automation language for system integration Contact us
  Adobe Photoshop Adobe Commercial Image, line art and graph juxtaposition for visualization and preparation for publication Contact us
 AutoAligner logo Autoaligner Bitplane Commercial Preprocessing for layer alignment of serial sections in same or different formats Contact us
 Living Image logo Living Image Xenogen/ Perkin Elmer Commercial Offline 2D fluorescence and bioluminescence quantitative data measurements Computer in vivo analysis



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