Incucyte ZOOM


Incucyte Zoom HD/2CLR System is a high throughput, continuous live cell imager. It enables kinetic transmitted (phase) and fluorescence imaging inside the incubator.



This is a proprietary system with three objectives:

Objective Magnification/NA Pixel size
Nikon Plan Apo λ x4/0.20 3.05μm
Nikon Plan Fluor x10/0.30 1.22μm
Nikon S Plan Fluor x20/0.45 0.61μm


All objectives have long working distance, many plastic off-the-shelf vessels can be used.


The camera is Basler scA1400-30gm, a CCD camera with Sony ICX285 CCD sensor, 1392px x 1040px, 12bit


Fluorescence dual color module 4459

Channel Excitation Emission
Green 440–480 nm 504–544 nm
Red 565–605 nm 625–705 nm



Proprietary Incucyte Zoom software performs both acquisition and analysis. The software can be installed in any computer in the building and the experiment can be monitored in real time. The acquired images can be exported to JPEG, TIFF, TIFF series, MPEG4, AVI and the graphs can be exported as excel files or graphs.



Our purchased software modules enable online analysis of:

Cell migration and invasion
Immune cell killing
Proliferation assays
Spheroid assays
Transfection efficiency
Stem cell reprogramming
Neurite analysis

Technical documents, application notes, protocols


New users

Please contact Maya Holdengreber, tel. +972-77-8871107, to coordinate a meeting.



The system can be reserved in the BookItLab online reservation system, Incucyte Zoom.