IVIS 200 optical imaging


The PerkinElmer IVIS 200 imaging system provides high throughput non-invasive quantitative fluorescence and bioluminescence (luciferase activity) imaging.

The IVIS 200 has the capacity to image up to 5 mice or 2 rats simultaneously, ex-vivo specimens and cell culture plates. The system is equipped with an isoflurane anesthesia system, low-autofluorescence optics and a cooled CCD camera (‑90°C) for a maximum resolution of 60µm.


Available fluorescence filters

Reflector Turret Name Excitation (nm) Emission (nm) Background (nm)
1 GFP 445-490 515-575 410-440
2 DsRed 500-550 575-650 460-490
3 Cy5.5 615-665 695-770 580-610
4 ICG 710-760 810-875 665-695

Spectral imaging filters

Reflector Turret Name Excitation (nm) Emission (nm) Background (nm)
5 560nm 550-570
6 580nm 570-590
7 600nm 590-610
8 620nm 610-630
8 640nm 630-650
8 660nm 650-670

* To decrease autofluorescence it is recommended to use far-red emitting antibodies or dyes.


  • Quantitative longitudinal measurement of tumor development, metastasis, angiogenesis, and response to therapy
  • Trafficking of cellular and other biological therapies (e.g., immune cell, stem cell, or viral therapeutic platforms or antibodies, peptides, metabolites, etc.)
  • Monitoring of host immune cell responses
  • Distribution, quantification, and kinetic analyses of gene expression or enzymatic activity in vivo
  • For more information see the video:


The IVIS 200 dedicated Living Image 3.2 software allows absolute quantification (photons/sec/cmsq/sr) of bioluminescence and fluorescence signal, for in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro studies. It supports automatic ROI creation, background subtraction, scaling and quantification. The software is available both at the IVIS station and at the BCF image analysis unit on the Computer in-vivo analysis .

New users

Please contact Esti Messer, tel. +972-77-8871107, to coordinate a meeting.

Reading materials prior to the first instruction session:

IVIS 200 Basics


Quantification of signal from IVIS

IVIS 200 operation instructions (Hebrew)


The system can be reserved in the BookItLab online ordering system, In-vivo imaging IVIS 200 System; luciferin aliquots (15mg/ml) can be ordered in BookItLab, under Other Services; select Offline service type: Luciferin tube


Protocol for in vitro bioluminescence assay

Protocol for in vivo bioluminescence assay

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