Micro-Ultracentrifuge RC-M150

Micro-Ultracentrifuge RC-M150

The Micro-Ultracentrifuge RC-M150 allow you to get high RCF (g), save time and working with low sample volume.

Maximum speed: 150000rpm Maximum RCF: 899744xg

Temperature set range: 00C to 400C in 10C increments

Programmability : 10 stored programs, each with up to 9 steps





Comments Max. Radial Distance (cm) Number of Tubes x Nominal Capacity (ml) Maximum Relative Centrifugal Field (RCF) Maximum Speed (rpm) Rotor Type
Fixed angle 4.04 10 x 2 649826 120000 S120AT2-0200
Fixed angle 4.04 14 x 0.5 649826 120000 S120AT3-0052

Detailed information about rotors, tubes, bottles, adapters and accessories you can find in SORVALL TBA Guide

User Info

Order the Centrifuge using the Online Reservation System

Before using the instrument for the first time, you must receive instruction from one of the BCF unit persons.

Clean up the rotor and inside the centrifuge after EACH run.

Return the rotors to their storage location.

If there are problems, you must notify the person responsible.