Microplate spectrophotometer

Anthos microplate spectrophotometer Zenyth 200 is a monochromator with temperature control, flexible plate formats from 6- to 384-wells, cuvette feature and different measurement modes (single and multiple wavelengths, kinetic measurements, wavelength scanning and xy-position scanning),
enabling customized applications.
The light is directed via fiber optics into either wells of a microplate or a cuvette.

SpecificationsWavelength range: 400 -1000nmLight Source: Tungsten Halogen Lamp.Photodetector Photodetector: Silicon PhotodiodeBandwidth: 5nmIndication Range : 0.000 – 4.00 OD (endpoint measurement)Sample Holders: 6 – 384 well plates, standard cuvettes (10mm pathlength, 5-10mm pathwidth)Reading Speed: 96 well – 11 seconds, 384 well – 19 seconds.Temperature Control: 4°C above ambient temperature up to 45°C.Shaking: 3 speeds.Measurement modes: endpoint, kinetic, multichromatic, spectral scanning and position scanning