Ultracentrifuge Sorvall WX90

Virus work on the Ultracentrifuge Sorvall WX90 is allowed only after obtaining permission from Ofer Shenker and Esti Messer

  • Maximum speed: 90000 rpm, 692149 x g.
  • Speed control accuracy: ±10 rpm (1000 rpm to maximum speed).
  • Time for acceleration and deceleration: approx. 5 minutes from 0 to 90000 rpm and vice versa (P100AT2).
  • Rotor temperature control/display accuracy: ±0.5˚C (set temperature is from 0 to 40˚C).
  • Set speed: 1000 to maximum speed in increments of 100 rpm.
  • Vacuum system: Oil rotary vacuum pump and oil diffusion pump combined. Ultimate vacuum of 1.3Pa(0.01 Torr).
  • Temperature control system: Solid state thermoelectric refrigeration.


Rotor Type Max. Speed (rpm) Maximum Relative Centrifugal Field (RCF) Tubes Number x Capacity (ml) Max. Radial Distance (cm)
50Ti 50000 226000 12 x 13.5 8.08
50.2Ti 50000 302000 12 x 38.5 10.79
VTi65.1 65000 414800 8 x 5.1 8.79
SW41Ti 41000 288000 6 x 13.2 15.31
SW55Ti 55000 368000 6 x 5 10.85
SW28 28000 141000 6 x 38.5 16.10
AH650 50000 299600 6 x 5 10.73

Detailed information about rotors, tubes, bottles, adapters and accessories you can find in SORVALL TBA Guide .

User Info

Order the Centrifuge using the Online Reservation System

Before using the instrument for the first time, you must receive instruction from one of the BCF unit persons.

Clean up the rotor and inside the centrifuge after EACH run.

Return the rotors to their storage location.

If there are problems, you must notify the person responsible.

Virus work is only allowed after obtaining permission from Ofer Shenker and Esti Messer