BCF Policy

BCF Policy

In order to provide the best service, to protect users and equipment we require users to follow our policy:


Operating Procedures

  • Prospective users must obtain authorization from the budget owner (PI) before registering for an account at our ordering website. Approval is subject to the decision of the Head of BCF.
  • Users must book our services on the online calendar reservation system using their personal username and password.
  • Accounts are not transferrable.
  • Individualized introductory training and instruction by trained BCF staff during regular working hours is required and can be coordinated by contacting the relevant Head of BCF unit ahead of time.
  • After each session, users should follow the system specific procedure of logging off or shutting down after determining whether another user is scheduled to use the system.
  • Users are encouraged to discuss project design and experimental needs with BCF staff prior to using our systems.
  • After hours, on weekends and during Technion vacations, access to BCF is available to trained users via a personal magnetic card which can be obtained upon request from Dr. Ofer Shenker, Head of BCF.
  • In case of problems or malfunction, BCF staff must be notified immediately.




Data storage

  • BCF is not responsible for users’ data. Users are responsible for backing up their data including original raw files and images. Users’ data on our computers and backup servers are periodically deleted.
  • Users must not install software, perform software or system updates, use USB flash drives or surf the internet on facility computers. Our staff will advise on data transfer from each system.



Billing Policy

  • The equipment can be used by Technion and external users.
  • Users are responsible for logging on and off at the beginning and end of each session.
  • Fees will be charged monthly for reservation and/or usage on BCF systems according to the policy and tariff of the relevant equipment and user category.
  • Under certain circumstances, subsidy can be obtained by the Russel Berrie Nanotechnology Institute. Please enquire with Yael Brihand, BCF administrative assistant.
  • For more information about our pricing policy please contact  Yael Brihand, BCF administrative assistant.


Acknowledging BCF

We will greatly appreciate being acknowledged at the end of manuscripts, whenever core facility scientists have provided technical support during planning, carrying out of experiments or analysis.