The Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Metabolomics Center

  • The Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Metabolomics Center was established through a generous donation from the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of others – with a particular focus on health care, social justice, the arts and community initiatives.
  • The Metabolomics Center supports research on the field of cancer metabolism and other metabolism-related projects by measurements of small molecules in a variety of biological samples as well as measuring oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis in live cells, which is complementary to an in-depth metabolomic profiling, allowing a comprehensive metabolic insight
  • The center operates on a collaborative model in which we actively train the users in experimental design, sample preparation and data analysis, all tailored to each study.
  • Our strength is the ability to assist in data interpretation throughout the project.
  • We work with a wide range of sample types, including (but not limited to) cells, tissues, and biological fluids (blood, urine, saliva, CSF) from human subjects, research animals, or other organisms.
  • The center offers a variety of well-established methods for both targeted and untargeted metabolomic assays using state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation as well as method development to extend the center’s capabilities.
  • We believe in creating a mutual language with collaborators, providing our broad support for research projects at all stages.
  • To achieve this successfully, we offer comprehensive metabolomics training that covers all aspects of experimental design, sample preparation, technological principles and data analysis. For data analysis tutorials, click here.
  • The center has established a unique feature whereas users around the country/world can access remotely their raw data, process and analyze it using our software to maximize the output of the facility.

Compounds of interest:

We carry out Hilic chromatography using Orbitrap Explorer 240 and Q Exactive. At present we can identify around 600 polar compounds. See the list here. The facility also carry out method development, including detection of unusual compounds, chiral molecules and fatty acids.

Please contact Prof. Herman Wolosker to consult for a new experiment.


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