The BCF Imaging Center offers access to state-of-the-art technologies enabling histological preparation, visualization, digitization, and image analysis spanning from subcellular resolution up to in-vivo small animal imaging studies. We provide comprehensive services that include extensive technology implementation and training for image acquisition and analysis.

We support researchers from a variety of life science fields, such as cancer, angiogenesis & vascularization, stem cells, development, neuroscience, brain & behavioral research, atherosclerosis, cardiac research and more in the Faculty of Medicine and beyond.

Our Light Microscopy Unit offers laser scanning confocal systems including Airyscan super-resolution, high throughput time-lapse and virtual widefield microscopy systems for subcellular, co-culture, 3D, whole organ slice and ex-vivo preparations. Please contact Maya Holdengreber.

The In-Vivo Imaging Unit houses optical imaging systems for luminance and fluorescence high throughput imaging, a micro ultrasound, a micro-CT and 1T and 9.4T MRI scanners for anatomical and functional studies. We offer a longitudinal multimodality noninvasive imaging platform. Please contact Galit Saar.

The Electron Microscopy Unit offers specimen preparation and acquisition services of scanning and transmission electron microscopy imaging. We will very soon have an operational transmission microscope at the faculty. Please contact Lihi Shaulov.

Our Histology Services Laboratory offers sectioning of frozen tissue or tissue embedded in paraffin and a host of histological staining techniques. Please contact Sana Huleihel.

We offer annual workshops and courses for training and education and regularly host presentations of new technologies.

Our Services

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