Storage & Public Repositories

Storage & Public Repositories


We uphold a commitment to complete transparency. Consequently, irrespective of whether the metabolomics facility conducts the data analysis, we provide unrestricted access to the RAW data files


Samples storage policy

  • Please contact us within 2 weeks if you want us to store samples for you for further analysis.
  • Samples may be discarded after 2 weeks, unless you specially request to keep it.
  • Due to storage capacity limitations, we usually won’t be able to keep samples more that 3 months.

Data storage policy

  • We commit to retaining your raw data and analysis files for a period of 6 months.
  • Due to the large amount of data generated at the facility, data may be deleted after 6 months.
  • Please contact us within this period to arrange the transfer of all raw and analysis data to you.

Public Repositories

Journals are increasingly requesting the deposition of metabolomics data in dedicated repositories. We strongly encourage you to do so even if its not mandatory. Recommended repositories for metabolomics include:


Metabolomics Workbench