Infinite 200 PRO

The Infinite 200 PRO is multimode reader provide a full range of leading detection methods in one modular instrument, with Quad4 monochromator.

Users can select the desired modules to create the perfect reader for their needs.

The Infinite 200 PRO offers multiplexing capabilities and high format flexibility, including 6- to 384-well microplates, PCR plates and cuvettes.
The Infinite 200 PRO is a fluorescence microplate reader that can perform fluorescence Intensity and time-resolved fluorescence. Infinite 200 PRO provides rigorous environmental control within the detection chamber, making the Infinite 200 PRO ideal for cell-based Applications.

An integrated gas inlet allows external control of CO2 helping to maintain stable culture conditions and improve cell growth. The GCM together with its unique altitude correction and the integrated quality control of acoustic and visible warnings leads to more consistent and reliable data and makes it indispensable for cell-based applications.
For uncompromised performance in all detection modes, the Infinite 200 PRO uses advanced optics and high-performance detectors, optimized for the requirements of fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance reading.

User Info

Order the Infinite 200 PRO plate reader using the Online Reservation System.

Prior to first use, you must receive instruction from one of the BCF unit persons.

If there are problems, you must notify the person responsible.