BCF Policy

In order to get the best service, please follow our policy:

  • Users have to complete introductory training in order to reserve and operate equipment.
  • Users must book our services using only their personal username and password.
  • After hours, access to BCF is available to trained users via magnetic card, on their own responsibility.
  • Entry doors are to be kept closed when no users are present in the department, especially at the end of the day and after hours.
  • Users must notify staff about viable pathogens or biohazards before they are brought into the Department.
  • Users must not install software on facility computers.
  • Users are responsible for backing up their data Archived data is periodically deleted.
  • Glass items should be placed in sharps biohazard waste boxes; tissues and cells should be placed in biohazard bins.
  • Other toxic waste must be properly disposed.
  • We will greatly appreciate being acknowledged at the end of manuscripts, whenever core facility scientists have provided technical support during planning, carrying out of experiments or analysis.