Virus room

Biosafety level 2+ virus room 

Our Faculty biosafety level 2+ virus room was established by the Rappaport Institute in 2007 and it is located at the 11th floor. The room is equipped with 2 hoods, 2 incubator’s stations, (allowing the work of 2 groups in parallel), fluorescent microscope and a centrifuge (for tubes and plates). The room is managed by the lab of Prof’ Gera Neufeld and is supported by BCF.

User Info
  • List of approved viruses can be found in the attached file.
  • Each project must get the approval of Prof’ Gera Neufeld.
  • In order to become an approved user, please contact Marina Weissmann.
  • Please fill the registration form, read the introductory files (1+2) and set an instruction session with Marina Weissmann.
  • An approved user will get a card to enter the virus room. This card is personal and cannot be transferred in-between users.
  • In order to keep this multiuser virus room safety, please precisely carry out the defined room regulations.
  • Please report Noa of any problem.


Marina Weissmann , 054-7632900, 04-8295410

Edith Suss-Toby , 04-8295347, 04-8295361

Esti Messer – Technion Biological safety Dept. 549381035, 0778871107