Electron Microscopy

Scanning electron microscopy


Scanning electron microscopy is a powerful magnification tool, designed to detect fine surface details at high magnifications (sub-10nm).

A wide range of samples can be observed under electron microscope, including cells, cell organelles, viruses, cell infection assays, tissues and tissue slices, bacteria and bacterial interactions, fungi and many more.  Gold labelled secondary antibodies can be used to visualize surface-located antigens, e.g., extra-cellular receptors, secreted proteins, antigens located at the surface of purified cell components (nuclei, mitochondria and so on).

We offer sample preparation and acquisition of scanning electron microscopy data of:

  • Classic rendering of surface and content of the sample.
  • Immuno-gold labeling of surface located antigens.

We plan to focus on preparation protocol development and optimization, SEM, STEM.


Academic Head: Assoc. Prof. Tom Schultheiss.


Please contact Lihi Shaulov, tel. +972-4-8295387 for more information and to coordinate a meeting