Whole slide imaging

Automatic brightfield and widefield fluorescence of whole slide with high resolution air objective lenses in 3D is an innovative digital imaging solution that bypasses the tediousness of manual imaging and dramatically improves efficiency.


Two systems are at your disposal:


Instrument Pannoramic MIDI Pannoramic 250 Flash III
Objective x20/0.8 Yes Yes
Objective x40/0.95   Yes
Brightfield Yes Yes
Channel: DAPI Yes Yes
Channel: CFP   Yes
Channel: GFP Yes Yes
Channel: Cy3 Yes Yes, Cy3/mCherry
Channel: mCherry   Yes, Cy3/mCherry
Channel: Cy5 Yes Yes
Channel: Cy7   Yes


Proprietary (free) slide viewers facilitate navigation and zooming in to full resolution as well as export to JPEG and TIFF for quantitative analysis and presentation.