Slide scanner 250 Flash III


3DHistech Pannoramic 250 Flash III is an automatic slide scanner for histology and fluorescence with 250 slide capacity for analysis, telepathology and e-learning.  Brightfield scanning is performed very fast by flashing a stroboscope light source and continuous stage movement.


 Reymond coleman We would like to thank Prof. Raymond Coleman for his initiative to purchase a high resolution digital slide scanning system and his relentless drive to produce and acquire hundreds of outstanding histology slides to be stored in virtual archives for practical histology instruction.  May his vision of a national repository of virtual microscopy be realized soon!


This is a proprietary system.


Objective Magnification/NA Pixel size Brightfield Pixel size Fluorescence
Plan-Apochromat x40/0.95 0.121μm 0.101 μm
Plan-Apochromat x20/0.80 0.242μm 0.203 μm



Camera Technology Application Resolution Data depth
Adimec Q12A180 CMOS Brightfield 4096 x 3072px 12 bit
pco.edge 4.2 sCMOS Fluorescence 2048 x 2048px 16 bit


Light sources:

Brightfield: Xenon flashlamp

Fluorescence: Lumencor SPECTRA Light Engine 6


LED Excitation filter Emission filter Fluorophore family
386/23 387/18 440/44 DAPI
438/24 436/20 480/40 CFP
475/28 485/26 521/27 Cy2
550/88 559/32 607/40 Cy3, Texas Red
650/13 649/19 700/57 Cy5
720/30 708/75 809/81 Cy7



All fixed specimen brightfield/widefield applications including FISH and rare event.


Slide preparation

Please read instructions on preparation of slides here.


Acquisition and analysis

Acquisition is performed using the proprietary Pannoramic scanner software. Visualization and analysis are performed using the CaseViewer software, free to download from the 3DHISTECH site, providing seamless zooming and panning of the virtual slide and export to JPEG and TIFF for quantitative analysis in Imaris or ImageJ/FIJI.


New users

Please contact Maya Holdengreber, tel. +972-77-887-1107 to coordinate a meeting.




The system can be reserved in the BookItLab online reservation system, Automatic slide scanner 250 Flash.


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