Infinite 200 PRO

Infinite 200 PRO

The Infinite 200 PRO is a multimode reader that can perform endpoint and time-resolved luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance based assays. It offers multiplexing capabilities and format flexibility, including 6- to 384-well microplates, PCR plates and cuvettes. An integrated gas inlet allows external control of CO2 to maintain stable culture conditions and improve cell growth for cell-based applications.



• Absorbance- and fluorescence-based DNA/RNA quantification and purity checks
• Absorbance- and fluorescence-based protein quantification
• Absorbance-, fluorescence- and luminescence-based ELISAs
• 600 nm growth curves (bacteria, yeast)
• ATP quantification
• Fluorescence and luminescence reporter assays
• Dual-color luminescence (BRET2, NanoBRET, etc.)
• Fluorescence- and luminescence-based Ca2+ release assays
• Dual Luciferase Reporter assays
• Cell-based assays (e.g. viability, cytotoxicity)
• Enzyme kinetics
• Compound characterization (absorbance and fluorescence scans)


User Info

Reserve the Infinite 200 PRO plate reader through our online reservation system.
First-time users, please contact Dr. Ofer Shenker or Shiran Zafrani for instruction.
In case of problems, please notify BCF staff.