Slide Scanner Slideview VS200

Slide Scanner Slideview VS200


The Olympus Slideview VS200 is a slide scanner for high-throughput digitalization of histology and fluorescence slides for archival, diagnostics, teaching, and research. It supports five imaging modes: Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, Polarization, and Fluorescence.

The system’s automatic slide loader can hold standard slides (26 × 76 mm). Trays for even larger slides (up to 102 x 127 mm) are also available and can be purchased if there is a need. High-resolution images are converted into virtual slides through an automated high-speed scanning and tiling process.



This is a proprietary system.


Light source and filters

Excelitas X-Cite NOVEM 9-Channel LED Illumination System.


Fluorescence Filters

AHF Analyzenteknich pentaband filter


LED Excitation filter Emission filter Fluorophore family
386/23 352-404 416-452 DAPI
475/28 460-488 500-530 FITC
550/88 542-566 593-607* Cy3, mCherry
650/13 626-644 665-705 Cy5
720/30 721-749 767-849 Cy7




Objective Magnification/NA Working Distance Pixel size Brightfield Pixel size Fluorescence
Universal Plan Extended Super Apochromat x10/0.4 3.1 mm 548 nm 548 nm
Universal Plan Extended Apochromat x20/0.80 0.6 mm 273.8 nm 325 nm
Universal Plan Extended Super Apochromat x40/0.45 0.18 mm 137 nm 172.5 nm



Camera Technology Application Resolution Data depth
iDS VS-264C CMOS Brightfield
CAM-ORCA-FusionBT Digital Hamamatsu sCMOS Fluorescence 2304 x 2304 px 16 bit



All fixed specimen brightfield/widefield applications including FISH and rare events, polarized light, phase contrast, darkfield. One plane, z-stack or extended focus acquisition.


Acquisition and analysis

Acquisition is performed using the proprietary CellSens software. The .vsi virtual slide image files can be opened by Olyvia, QuPath, FIJI software.


New users

Please contact Maya Holdengreber, tel. 073-378-1107 to coordinate a meeting.
Please do not make a reservation through our online BookItLab system.