Life Canvas Smart SPIM Lightsheet

Life Canvas Smart SPIM Lightsheet


The Life Canvas Technologies SmartSPIM is a lightsheet microscope for imaging large cleared tissue samples with high speed and resolution. Its patented axial sweeping technology illumination optics scan the beam while synchronized to the camera’s rolling shutter detection, providing homogeneous axial PSF across the entire field of view.



The SmartSPIM is designed from the ground up. Motorized XYZ stage and stacked Z stage, 15mm wide by 25mm long sample holders, sCMOS camera Hamamatsu Fusion C14440.


Laser lines and filter sets

405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 642nm.


Laser line Filter set Fluorophores group
642 680/42 Alexa 647 ,Cy5
561 600/52 Alexa 555, Cy3 mCherry
488 525/50 GFP, Alexa 488, Cy2
405  445/58 DAPI, Alexa 405, BFP


Objective lenses

Objective lens Magnification NA Working distance EFL  
x3.6 0.2 17mm 60mm
Special Optics
x16.7 0.4@RI1.45 12mm 12mm RI 1.33-1.56
Special Optics
x23.8 0.7@RI1.45 10mm 8.4mm RI 1.33-1.56



The acquisition is performed with the SmartSPIM acquisition system software.



The system has a unique destriping and stitching GUI.


New users

Please contact Maya Holdengreber, tel. 073-3781106, to coordinate a meeting.



For lightsheet imaging, the SmartSPIM can be booked through our BookItLab reservation system.