The VCX-750 Vibra-Cell Ultrasonic Liquid Processor is a high-intensity Ultrasonic Processor.  It can safely process a wide range of organic and inorganic materials, from micro-liters to liters. Typical applications include: cell lysing, organelle isolation, desegregation, extraction, homogenization, particle size reduction, soil testing, and acceleration of chemical reactions, testing for cavitation erosion, foam abatement, degassing and atomization.



The ultrasonic power supply (generator) converts 50/60 Hz voltage to high-frequency electrical energy. This electrical energy is transmitted to the piezoelectric transducer within the converter, where it is changed to mechanical vibrations. The longitudinal vibrations from the converter are intensified by the probe (horn), creating pressure waves in the liquid. These in turn produce microscopic bubbles (cavities), which expand during the negative pressure excursion and implode violently during the positive excursion. This phenomenon, referred to as cavitation, creates millions of shock waves and releases high levels of energy into the liquid.


Available Probes

  • Probe 630-0219: 13mm, high intensity for 10-250 ml
  • Stepped microtip 630-0422: 3mm very high intensity for 0.25 – 10ml
  • Cup Horn 630-0503: For sterile work, up to 8 x 1.5ml  tubes.


User Info

  • First-time users, please contact Dr. Ofer Shenker or Shiran Zafrani for instruction.
  • Clean up the probe after use.
  • Log your usage in the log book.
  • In case of problems, please notify BCF staff.