US Vevo 3100

US Vevo 3100


The VisualSonics Vevo 3100  system is an in vivo micro-ultrasound imaging system, specially designed for in-vivo small animal (rodent) imaging.

The system enables high-resolution imaging for anatomical, morphological and functional applications. It is equipped with an ultra-high frequency and high frame rates, which enables imaging at high temporal and spatial resolution (up to 30 µm).

The system is capable of a broad range of applications including cardiology and vascularity (including 4D mode for cardiovascular imaging), oncology, neurobiology, developmental, molecular imaging and drug development. In addition, a precision microinjection system provides a simple and efficient method for direct injection procedures under ultrasound guidance.

The system is equipped with isoflurane anesthesia and monitoring system enabling respiratory and cardiac gating, a variety of transducers designated for anatomical, vascular, and cardiac rodent imaging, an adjustable rail system and physiology plate for easy animal positioning and handling.


Imaging modes

B Mode Imaging

M Mode Imaging

PW (Pulsed Wave) Doppler mode

Color Doppler Mode imaging

3D mode imaging

4D Mode Imaging

PW Tissue Doppler Imaging



Available transducers

Transducer Specifications Applications
MX250 Center transmit: 21 MHz

Axial Resolution: 75 mm

Cardiovascular and Abdominal


MX550D Center transmit: 40 MHz

Axial Resolution: 40 mm

Abdominal, Reproductive,

Cardiovascular, Embryology






The proprietary Vevo LAB software enables acquisition and offers image analysis/annotation tools for cardiac, abdominal, vascular, embryology and ophtalmology measurements. It is available both at the Vevo 3100 US station and offline, at the BCF image analysis unit on the Computer in-vivo analysis.


New users

Please contact Dr. Esti Messer, tel. 073-3781107, to coordinate a meeting.

The system is located at the Faculty of Medicine and can be reserved in the BookItLab online reservation system, Vevo 3100.