X-Rad320 Biological Irradiator

X-Rad320 Biological Irradiator


The X-RAD320 is an X-ray irradiation system for small animals and biological specimens, capable of delivering a precise radiation dosage. The x-ray tube has a highly homogenous beam designed to be used specifically for radiation therapy in preclinical studies and for cells. The shielded cabinet includes an adjustable specimen shelf and viewing window. The system can be used for studies using bone marrow transplantation and studies of irradiation damage to cells and small animals.



  • 320kV/12.5mA metal ceramic, fixed anode, oil cooled X-ray tube
  • Adjustable sample shelf, 20 – 72cm source to specimen distance (SSD)
  • Filter/collimator holder with changeable beam conditioning filter recognition
  • 3 Gy/min at 320KV, 12.5mA, 50cm SSD (HVL≈ 1mm Cu)
  • 1 Gy/min at 320KV, 12.5mA, 50cm SSD (HVL≈ 4mm Cu)
  • >15 Gy/min at 320KV, 12.5mA, 50cm SSD (No Beam Hardening)
  • Pie cages for easy setup and to avoid anesthesia
  • Programmable SSD shelf


New Users and Reservations

The system is located at the Faculty of Medicine.
Please contact Dr. Galit Saar, tel. 073-3785347, to coordinate a meeting to discuss your experiment.