The Olympus MVX10M research macro zoom microscope images brightfield and fluorescent specimens, such as Drosophila larvae, organs of small animals, and more.




Objective Magnification/NA Working distance (mm) Total magnification
MVPLAPO x1/0.25 65 6.3x-63x
MVPLAPO x2/0.5 20 12.5x-125x

The x2 objective has a correction collar for correction of aberration produced by water or plastic container.

Light sources:

Fluorescence: X-cite 120PC –Q-metal halide lamp

Incident illumination: Dual Olympus tungsten-halogen dichroic reflector

Transmitted illumination base: LED four position turret (darkfield, brightfield, oblique)

Fluorescence Filters

Filter Excitation filter dichroic Emission filter Fluorophore family
U-XL49000 AT350/50 T400LP ET460/50 DAPI
U-XL49002 ET470/40 T495LPXR ET525/50 Cy2,EGFP
U-XL49004 ET545/25 T565LPXR ET605/70 CY3,RFP


DP73 is a 17.28 megapixel color CCD (2 megapixels with pixel shifting), 12bit

1600×1200 pixel images at 15 fps, 800×600 at 27fps



Acquisition is performed with the Olympus proprietary Cell Sens Dimension software.

Output files can be opened with FIJI/ImageJ using the Olympus viewer plugin or exported to TIFF.


New users

Please contact Maya Holdengreber, tel. +972-77-8871107, to coordinate a meeting.



The system can be reserved in the BookItLab online reservation system, Olympus upright/Stereoscope.


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