FACSDiscover S8

FACSDiscover S8

The Cytometry Center is equipped with the revolutionary state-of-the-art BD FACSDiscover S8. This instrument is a full spectrum and image-based cell sorter. The technology integrates real-time image analysis and multi-dimensional analysis with cell sorting, enabling researchers to not just sort cells based on traditional parameters but also incorporating morphological and fluorescent imaging data into their sorting decision, such as, a sort decision based on the localization of a protein expression in the cell.


The real-time imaging capability enhances the precision of cell sorting and allows for a more detailed analysis of each cell, improving the accuracy of sorting and potentially reducing the need for post-sort analysis.

The S8 sorter is equipped with five lasers (349, 405, 488, 561 and 637 nm) and a full spectrum array of 78 APD detectors. Three of which are dedicated for imaging (FL1(534/46), FL2(600/60) and FL3(788/225)) out of the blue laser line. The sorter has six-way sorting and single-cell sorting capabilities with an Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) allowing sorting to slides, and various well plates (6, 24, 48, 96 and 384 plates). To maintain viability, the sample chamber is temperature controlled. This instrument is installed in a biosafety cabinet to increase user and sample protection.

This innovation opens up new possibilities for research, allowing for the exploration of previously intractable questions in fields like stem cell research, cancer biology, and immunology. It represents a significant advancement in the field of flow cytometry and cell sorting and can pave the way for significant breakthroughs in biomedical research.

For filters and channel information see here.

The instrument is available for trained users in a self-operated mode. Untrained users must contact core personnel to schedule hands-on training.

Acquisition is done with BD FACSChorus software and FCS 3.2; CSV and TIFF files should be exported to our bcf-server after acquisition. Please make sure to back up your own data – we are not doing so!

Data analysis of the FCS files can be done with any third-party analysis software. We have several workstations with a variety of software. See our Data Analysis page for additional information.

Pre-reservation is required and can be done via BookItLab.

For further information or if you need assistance, please contact Amir Grau.