Widefield Zeiss Upright

Widefield Zeiss Upright


An upright system for transmitted and fluorescence widefield microscopy of fixed specimens.

The Zeiss Axio Imager.Z2 upright microscope system is suited for fixed specimens. The system features a motorized stage and X-cite metal halide light illumination, a high-resolution monochrome Hamamatsu Orca R2 camera, and a color Axiocam MRc 5 camera.


Special applications

Tiling, positions, Z-stacks, color brightfield, polarized light.



The proprietary Zeiss Zen software provides fast acquisition, tiling and positions, multidimensional and fast acquisition and basic 2D analysis.



Reflector Turret Excitation Beamsplitter Emission Suitable fluorophores
Zeiss Filter set 49 G 365 FT 395 BP 445/50 DAPI, Hoechst
Zeiss Filter set 45 BP 560/40 FT 585 BP 630/75 Mitotracker red, mCherry, Texas Red
Zeiss Filter set 43 BP 545/25 FT 570 BP 605/70 Cy3, Mitotracker Orange, Rhodamin
Chroma filter 49006 – ET – Cy5 BP 620/60 FT 660 BP 700/75 Cy5, DRAQ5
Zeiss Filter set 38 BP 470/40 FT 495 BP 525/50 Cy2, GFP, Alexa 488
Analyzer module DIC
Optovar x1.6
Zeiss Filter set 47 (optional) BP 436/20 FT 455 BP 480/40 CFP
Zeiss Filter Set 48 (optional) BP 436/20 FT 455 BP 535/30 CFP/YFP FRET



Objective Magnification NA Contrast Coverslip Working distance (mm) Immersion
EC Plan-Neofluar


0.16 Phase 1 plastic/glass


EC Plan-Neofluar


0.3 Phase 1 plastic/glass




0.8 DICII Glass


EC Plan-Neofluar x40 0.75 DICII Glass 0.71 air
Plan-Apochromat x63 1.4 DICIII Glass 0.19 oil
EC Plan Neofluar x100 1.4 BF Glass 0.17 oil



For basic visualization and processing, you can download the free ZEN lite edition software. Offline full versions are available for analysis at CT Computer and Computer IMARIS software. Output files can be opened by Imaris and ImageJ/FIJI for analysis.


New users

Please contact Maya Holdengreber, tel. 073-378-1106, to coordinate a meeting.
Tips for immunofluorescence experiments.
Please prepare controls before starting a new model.
For reference you may use the Time Lapse 2 instruction file.



For general widefield microscopy and for tiling, color brightfield, and polarized light applications, Microscope Time-lapse 2 can be reserved through the BookItLab online reservation system.