Fusion FX Spectra

Fusion FX Spectra

Fusion FX7 Edge Spectra is a chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, UV and fluorescence imager for documentation and quantification of gels and Western, Northern, Southern blots and culture dishes and plates.


The Vilber Fusion FX7 Edge Spectra has a custom-made V.070 lens with a focusing distance of 20cm and f0.70 aperture for enhanced sensitivity. The DarQ-9 CCD camera has a native resolution of 2160×2160 and image resolution of 10 megapixels.


The proprietary software for image acquisition includes molecular weight calculation, band quantification, colony counting, distance calculation and text annotation. Its Image Master Assistant helps optimize exposure and processing for image enhancement, visualization and quantification.


Available capsules and modes:

Illumination/Excitation Emission Application
780nm F-850 830-870nm Cy7.5, IRDye 800 CW
740nm F-850 830-870nm Cy7
680nm F-750 710-760nm Cy5.5, IRDye 680 RD, IRDye 700 DX
640nm F-750 710-760nm Cy5
530nm F-595 Y3 580-640nm Cy3
480nm F-565 530-550nm Cy2
365nm transillumination Ethidium bromide
Chemiluminescent blot
Visible light (UV/WL conversion screen) transillumination Colorimetric protein gels, crystal violet stained colonies


User Info

For gel documentation and plate imaging, the Fusion FX Spectra can be reserved through our online reservation system.

First-time users, please contact Dr. Ofer Shenker or Shiran Zafrani for instruction.
In case of problems, please notify BCF staff.

Please clean up the imager plate after use.