ImageQuant LAS 4010

ImageQuant LAS 4010

ImageQuant LAS 4010 is a multipurpose system for sensitive and quantitative 16 bit 6.3Mpixel imaging and documentation of gels and blots up to 21×14 cm.
ImageQuant LAS 4000 is upgraded with UV, IR and RGB epi-illumination for fluorescence and white epi- and transillumination for Coomassie Blue and Silver Stained gels. The cooled digital CCD camera system is designed for low-level light applications, making it ideal for chemiluminescence detection. It is also ideal for imaging and quantifying blots or gels using chemifluorescence, fluorescence, and colorimetric methods.


Method  Light  Filter  Iris 
Chemiluminescence None None F0.85
Fluorescence SYBR 460 nm Epi Y515-Di F0.85
Fluorescence  Cy3 520 nm Epi 575DF20 F0.85
Fluorescence Cy5 630 nm Epi R670 F0.85
Fluorescence  Dy781 710 nm Epi IR785 F0.85
Fluorescence  EtBr 312 nm DIA trans 605DF40 F2.8
Digitization Epi White (Epi) None F2.8
Digitization DIA White (DIA trans) None F2.8


User Info

First-time users, please contact Dr. Ofer Shenker or Shiran Zafrani for instruction.
In case of problems, please notify BCF staff.

Clean up the imager plate after use.