3D printer

The Objet260 Connex3 is a multi-material color 3D printer that can create brilliantly colored multi-color prototypes to fit your application needs, whether translucent, rigid, bio-compatible or thermal-resistant. The CAD software controls production enabling precision threading, with 200µm accuracy (rigid materials only) for full model size, depending on geometry.

we offer an assist in the design and manufacture of computer-based components for research purposes and enable researchers and students to access new digital production tools.

We provide:
· Consultation in the design and manufacture of objects
· Selection of suitable materials
· Design and fabrication software (e.g., SOLIDWORKS) support
· Three-dimensional printing

Technical information

Layer resolution 16µm
Maximum build size  255 x 252 x 200 mm
Minimal object thickness 0.5mm
Minimal hole diameter 0.4mm


List of suitable materials: MSS_PJ_PJMaterialsDataSheet_0517a (1)


How to open a new project?

  1. Check your CAD file.
  2. Save in STL format.
  3. Email Lotan Offri the following :
    1. Name and PI Name
    2. STL file
    3. Quantity
    4. Material type


For inquiries, consultation and production orders, please contact  Lotan Offri