High Throughput LSR Fortessa

The Cytometry Center at the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine has acquired a new BD LSRFortessa system. This cell analyzer delivers high-performance multicolor analysis and is configured with five laser lines; UV 355, Violet 405, Blue 488, Yellow green 561 and Red 640. It can detect up to 18 fluorescent parameters.  The Instrument is equipped with an High Throughput System (HTS) allowing the acquisition of data from 96 or 384 well plates.

For filters and channel information see here.

The instrument is available for trained users in a self-operated mode. Untrained users must contact core personnel to schedule hands-on training.

Pre-reservation is required and can be done via BookIt.

Acquisition is done with BD FACSDiva™ v7 software. FCS files should be exported to the bcf-server after acquisition. Please make sure to backup you own data – we are not doing so!

Data analysis of the FCS files can be done with any third party analysis software. We have several working stations with a variety of software. See our Data Analysis page for additional information.

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For further information or if you need assistance please contact Amir Grau.